Ten Rules: Raw Feeding the right way...

Feeding Puppies & Kittens

Green Tripe: No guts, No Glory

Dr. Tom Lonsdale’s Guide to Raw Feeding 

Gastric Acidity: this is a 'must-read' for all pet-owners!

Vet Pack

Beware of petfoods that might contain heavy metals such as Cadmium

Species-Appropriate Nutrition - an in-depth look at the science

The Trouble with Mixed Feeding (infographic)

How to raw-feed when you can't access our products

Raw Food in the Supermarket - A Buyer's Guide


Catfood Confusion: Can I feed these things to my cat?

Cats Prefer Their Natural Diet

Do Cats Need to eat the Stomach Contents of Prey?

Feline Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Raw-Feeding Cats

How to Convert the Biscuit-Addict Cat

Taurine, Thiamine and Cats

The Carnivore Connection to Nutrition in Cats

Urinary Tract Disease 

Cats and Protein

Practical Steps to a Cat Friendly Home


Gastric Acidity: this is a 'must-read' for all pet-owners!

Junk Petfood & the Damage Done

Natural, Holistic & Grain-Free Petfoods

Reading Petfood Labels

Rethinking the way we feed our pets

Ten Great Reasons to Feed a Raw Meaty Bone Diet

Why can’t I feed raw and processed at the same time?


Dogs: Evolution & Diet

Dogs are Hypercarnivores 

The Mythology of Protein Restriction

Where is the Raw Essentials Range Sourced From?

Evidence-Based Medicine: The Science behind Raw Feeding

Gastric Acidity poster

Are you a Real Raw Feeder?

The Safety of Processed Pet Food - What does the science say?

Buyer Beware - Consumer Issues 

Grain-Free Marketing Hype 

The dangers of preservatives in fresh meat diets - thiamine and sulphites 


Veterinary Communication Document

Evidence-Based Medicine: The Science Behind Raw Feeding

Petfood Safety Issues

Dental Cost Analysis

World Small Animal Veterinary Society Vaccination Recommendations

Dental Health Scale - how do your pet's teeth stack up?

Will Raw Feeding Alter Blood Test Results?

Is Your Cat the Right Size?

Is Your Dog the Right Size? 

Chocolate Toxicity Calculator 

Itchy Paws?




Diet & Cancer

Raw Meaty Bones and Teeth – pics of some of our clients' teeth

Gut Dysbiosis

What is a Leaky Gut?

Steroids & Antibiotics

Dietary Supplementation

Some recent studies... 

Cats are Carnivores

Dogs are Carnivores