Raw Essentials Feeding Guides


Generally it will cost about the same to feed Raw Essentials as it would to feed a processed diet from a Veterinary clinic.

Costs will vary based on seasons, availability, specials; and the age and condition of your pet. 

Dogs and cats cost more to feed while they are growing.

If your dog or cat has health issues, they may temporarily require a special diet, which may affect the cost.

Our staff will help you find a diet plan to fit your budget. 

Make sure you read our Essential Rules.

These will help ensure that you feed a balanced diet (you might want to stick a copy on your fridge!).


How the Guides Work

Our guides apply only to Raw Essentials food

They are an example of a typical week - there will be many appropriate variations to try - aim for variety!

They are based on nutrient profiles of our product (established via nutrient testing of our product, and extrapolation from prey composition studies).

Our guides must be used in conjunction with our Starter Packs

The Starter Pack will provide you with important information to help you get the best out of species-appropriate nutrition.

Every pet is an individual

The ‘amount-to-feed’ is a guide only - feed your pet the amount that keeps them at their ideal Body Condition Score. 

Check your cat's Body Condition Score here, and your dog's here.

Kittens & puppies 

Growing pets will eat a LOT - their intake (and your food bill!) will slow down when they are fully grown.

If you are unsure of ANYTHING...

Please ASK us - we would love to help!



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